Free dating sites versus C-date.

When I first began my search for love online I was sure the only way to go would be the most well-known free sites, but it didn’t take too long for me to quickly work out that although these sites don’t take a sign-up fee, they do take your time and a lot of it too! I found myself sitting in front of the computer navigating through the hundreds of ads being piled on my screen hour after hour and that coupled with the slow load up pages and less than ideal profiles that they were matching me with to be enough for me to give up with online dating all together.

Having said that, trawling the free dating sites is what led me to the dating sites that ask you for a usually small sign-up fee and promise to deliver matches that will fit what you are looking for to a tee, and I never looked back again. That’s not to say I made a few schoolboy errors when it came to choosing the right site because I did, but when I found the right site for me it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I had freed up all my time to concentrate on making genuine connections with genuine people that were interested in the things that I was interested in. The site I finally chose to stick to, which I will talk about a bit below was perfect for me and I was quickly chatting to like-minded people without the disruptions of ads and slow loading speeds.

So what was the verdict?

So, as mentioned above I did find a dating site that I was happy with and which ultimately led me to meeting my beautiful wife.

The site I chose to stick with was C-date or I hadn’t heard of it before but a good friend of mine had mentioned how good it was, so I decided to give it a go, and I’m so glad I did. Right from the start I liked the way C-date kept everything discreet, they processed all of my information quickly and only charged a small fee to sign-up with them.

Once on their site I was surprised by the amount of women that they had on their database and that all lived locally to me. The people that run this site obviously know what they are doing as it wasn’t long after setting up my profile that I was being matched with lots of women all of whom I had an interest in finding out a bit more about. It was as if they had read my mind and knew exactly what it was that I was looking for.

I found their site easy to navigate and it didn’t take me long to start chatting to the women that shared the same interests as me and were also looking for a similar thing relationship wise. On C-date you are able to chat with anyone, even if you haven’t been matched with them, which led to some interesting and exciting conversations where we could share stories and in lots of cases photos!

C-date, is it good?

As I mentioned above I actually met someone on an online dating site that eventually became my wife, so my advice if I had any would be that dreams do come true. If you find the right site, you are making the chances of those dreams coming true a lot more possible.

All the credit that I met the woman that ended up being my wife has to go to C-date due to the fact that they had used my profile and matched me with her. From there we began chatting, which went on for weeks and weeks until I found myself rushing home to continue my private conversations with her. We were able to easily exchange information which made it possible for us to finally meet and fall in love although I’m sure I had fallen in love long before that. Now, although I have a very biased opinion on which site would be the best to use I still found others that I thought offered similar things to C-date which I’ll discuss a little more below.

Which site do I choose?

Prior to having C-date recommended to me, I did find a couple of other sites that seemed to offer the same level of services that C-date did. The best of which that I found to be very professional was it matched me with lots of women in my area pretty quickly after signing up and the website on a whole gave me the level of discretion and speed that I was looking for.

To be honest the only reason I didn’t continue with was because I was looking for something a little more serious than what I found with most of my matches and having C-date recommended to me persuaded me to give it a go. I’d definitely recommend giving a chance though, purely down to the fact that they matched me to lots of people that shared my interests and best of all, lived in my area. I had lots of encounters that excited me and had it not been for me finding C-date then this is the site I definitely would’ve stuck with.

When looking for a dating site that is right for you first do your research, know what it is that you are looking for and most of all don’t be afraid to give it a go. Speaking from experience had I never taken that first step into the online dating world then I would still be living alone, but instead I met someone, we got married and we will be expecting our first child pretty soon! Online dating really does work and I would encourage any of my single friends to give it a go. That perfect match need only be a click away. Good luck everyone and I hope you find what it is you are looking for, I know I did!

C-date Online Review
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